Welcome to Green Interiors — “Grin” for short.

We’re known for our award winning residential interiorscaping throughout Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. However, what we really do is put smiles on our clients’ faces—by designing extraordinary Interiorscapes and Green Walls for their indoor living spaces. Let us put a grin on your face!

We work directly with homeowners as well as with interior designers and decorators to bring an unparalelled level of horticultural expertise to the design, installation and maintenance of interiorscapes—making finer homes come alive in innovative, exciting ways. Whether your tastes run more to the contemporary or traditional, and regardless of size or scope—we’re ready to create the interiorscape of your dreams.

Kathleen Neth
Kathleen Neth IHD*

Grin is the brainchild of Kathleen Neth, IHD*an internationally recognized Interior Horticultural Designer. Professionally, Grin is her ‘second’ act. Over the decades Kathleen has earned a loyal, corporate clientele by creating innovative interiorscapes for commercial offices and retail spaces—including for several Fortune 500 Corporations in Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Kathleen now creates residential interiorscapes exclusively—with a focus on finer homes.

*Certified Interior Horticultural Designer

Once you’re a Green Interiors Client, you can log in to our Client Portal—where you’ll find an array of helpful resources including a wide selection of premium plant containers called Cachepots.

Kathleen Neth
Kathleen Neth IHD*

*Interior Horticultural Designer

Terra Cotta Cachepot

Learn about Cachepots in our Portal.

We take great pride in reflecting each client’s very particular needs and tastes in our designs. Schedule your initial consultation contact us NOW.

Health Benefits of Plants in Living Spaces

In addition to the natural beauty and aesthetic qualities of plants, their health benefits have been thoroughly researched and documented. A growing body of research* supports the following.

Health Benefits Plants
Plants in Living Spaces
  • Increase well being by 15%                        
  • Decrease symptoms of ill health and poor concentration by 25%                                         
  • Decrease fatigue by 38%                                  
  • Decrease levels of anxiety, hostility and depression by 37-58%                                         
  • Decrease carbon dioxide levels by approximately 10% in air conditioned  spaces and by 25%  in those without AC
  • Increase creativity by 15%

One small plant per sq. meter (approx. 9 sq. ft.) improves memory retention. 
Studies* indicate that the color green promotes positivity, calm, serenity and peace.

We embrace biophilic design, which is based on the natural tendency of humans to seek an affinity with other life forms in nature.

*Supporting Research encompasses the results of The 2015 Human Spaces Global Report on the Impact of Biophilic Design, an independent survey of 7,600 individuals in 16 countries including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Denmark  and Spain.

Additional supporting data includes the results of studies by NASA, the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, The Agricultural University of Norway and a 10-year study by Exeter University (UK).

Awards & Recognition

Green Interiors founder, Kathleen Neth is proud and honored to have been the recipient of a major, international horticultural design award, as the Gold Winner in the Atrium and Conservatory Category of The 2018 International Plantscape Awards. 

International Hort Award

Apart from professional recognition, the honor that we value most and place above all is the loyalty of our clients—as well as their many, kind, unsolicited Testimonials.

Professional Affiliations

We work closely with the established brand leaders and manufacturers that enable our design and installation of sustainable living walls—including Green Walls, Moss Walls and Vertical Plant Panels.

Additionally, we’re proud to be a strategic partner of Architectural Supplements, and to offer the quality products of these world class vertical plant system brands:

Architectural Supplements
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Allied Professional

gsky logo

Authorized Dealer

BioMontage logo

Green Interiors is a member in good standing of the following organizations:

NY Botanical Garden
National Assoc. of Professional Women
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