Bringing The Outdoors In!

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Green Interiors (GRIN for short) is known for its award winning residential interiorscaping—the intersection of horticultural science and interior design.

Simply put, we design residential interiors with plantsflowering plants, shrubs, even small trees. We’re constantly finding new, innovative ways of “Bringing The Outdoors In” for finer homes throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York.

There are many, unique and exciting ways of “Bringing The Outdoors In”it really depends on what you, the client, want the desired effect to be.

For example, it may be a matter of creating a few tastetful touches of plants throughout your residence—just enough of a ‘plant presence’ to hint at the great outdoors, using greenery that complements your outdoor landscaping.

women with plantsOr, your tastes may call for a more prominent green presence such as a ‘plant rich’, dedicated area of your home for quiet time or mindful pursuits such as Yoga or meditation.

And for those who wish to ‘go as green’ as can be, we can design an interiorscape that melds your indoor spaces together with your surrounding grounds seamlessly, including an atriumthe choices are yours.


We can even bridge your “Great Indoors” to “The Great Outdoors” another way: with our stunning collection of plant containers known as Cachepots. Your friends and guests will be amazed at how well the perfect choice of Cachepots can pair your interior décor with your landscaping.

Contact GRIN to start “Bringing The Outdoors In”today!

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