Contain our excitement? Never…

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Our gorgeous containers are what the excitement’s all about!

Here at Green Interiors (GRIN for short), weʼre just as excited about containers as we are about the plants that they hold so beautifully. Hereʼs why.

Like so many of lifeʼs finer things, itʼs all about the presentation.

white-ceramic-potFor example, itʼs not just about a great tasting meal, itʼs about how itʼs plated and presented. Or, when planning for a special occasion, itʼs not just about the event itself, itʼs about that drop-dead gorgeous outfit that youʼll be wearing.

Itʼs no different when designing and creating a stunning, residential interiorscape. You donʼt want to put your exotic tropical plants or trees in ʻho-humʼ containers—you want to present them in ways that set them off, making them the centerpiece of each and every gathering.

ceramic pot with blue flowersGRINʼs wide selection of extraordinary containersor Cachepots, as theyʼre calledmakes it easy for you to find the perfect one to complement each of your indoor plants and trees. In addition to being spectacularly attractive, Cachepots are specifically designed to house and care for your plants optimally—making proper plant maintenance easier and worry-free.

We work closely with you to select Cachepots that complement your residential interiorscape while also enhancing your interior décor.


When it comes to our selection of gorgeous Cachepots, you really donʼt have to contain your excitementor your enthusiasmfor world class, residential interiorscaping!

We look forward to speaking with you today for an initial consultation.

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