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If youʼve so much as glanced at our recent blog posts, or made even the briefest visit to our website, you know that Green Interiors (GRIN for short) places great emphasis on the extraordinary health and environmental benefits of plants in residential spaces. But this time around, weʼre exploring a refreshingly different aspect of indoor plants: the many ways in which plants also lend to the aesthetic beauty of your home.
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Indoor Plants: Natureʼs Gift to the World of Home Décor. Weʼre all well aware of how plants and plant products complement the seasons—from Christmas Trees and trimmings at The Holidays to Hardy Mums and Pumpkins in the Fall. However, you may not fully realize how plants can be utilized in your home décor—not merely as occasional accents, but as integral parts of your year-round decorating scheme.

Hereʼs a great way to begin decorating with plants. Start thinking of plants in the same manner that professionals use elements of design—such as color, shape, size, style, light, and choice of materials. GRIN helps discerning homeowners use plants to augment and complement all of these elements in an infinite number of combinations. Here are but a few examples.

  • Plants As Design Elements in Your Decorating Scheme Letʼs start with color. If your walls, flooring, furnishings or accent pillows are a pale shade of a particular color, flowering plants in a darker, richer, complementary shade of the same color can be the perfect counterpart. In terms of texture, bushy plants that are densely populated with leaves can be the ideal complement to fabrics, such as raw silk or heavier velour upholstery and drapes, as well as to thicker, heavily textured rugs.
Green Door with Topiaries
  • Enhancing Entranceways with PlantsJust as Hardy Mums elegantly frame front doors in Fall, the right plants can make a grand, indoor entranceway even more inviting. Taller, narrow plants in just the right container, such as one of our gorgeous Cachepots can dress up a doorway, or a casement opening to where you entertain guests. 
  • Diffusing Light with Plants – As warm and welcoming sun-drenched rooms may be, softening direct light with the right plants can make them even more appealing. Green Interiors can help you select just the right plants, such as tropical ferns or a Ficus Benjamina to maintain a beautifully lit area with just the right amount of light, even a little shade if so desired.
  • Setting The Mood With Plants – Whether delicately beautiful and unimposing, or majestic and dramatic, plants make the mood. GRINʼs expert touch can make the difference between ʻho-humʼ and hearing “How lovely—whoʼs your decorator?!

Contact Green Interiors Soon—start decorating your home with beautiful plants, style—and flair!



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