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Winter tips for growing your interior houseplants — When temperatures are fluctuating and the growing conditions are less than ideal, winter can be harsh on our houseplants. Lower light levels, shorter days, and dry air all work together to really put your plants through the paces.

The secret to keeping your plants thriving in the winter months is to adjust your plant maintenance routine and understand your tropical plant’s seasonal needs. In this article, GRIN takes a look at some basic interior horticultural needs to provide your plants with top-notch care so you can help them flourish.

Indoor Tropical Foliage Plants

Maintaining your interior tropical foliage plant during the winter months requires careful care due to the shorter days, fluctuating temperatures, and drier less humid air. Here’s what you can do:

1. Mist Your Plants: Mist your indoor plants with a light spray two or three times a day as part of your winter plant maintenance routine. This will help your plants thrive during winter – particularly those that do well in humid conditions. If possible, place your plants near indoor water features or a humid part of your house, such as the bathroom.

2. Plants Need Light: Check your plant’s light requirements – low light, medium light, or high light See GRIN’s Plant Selection by Light Requirement. Replicate their natural environment. Determining the lighting needs of your plants, make the best choice to help keep your plants growing healthy.


3. Reduce Watering: As with lighting, every plant has different water requirements. Do not over water your foliage plants – when in doubt do not water! Plant growth is much slower in the winter months, which means plants don’t need as much water. If you are not certain when to water your plants, simply feel the top two inches of the soil – if it feels cold, wet, and/or looks dark in color do not water. Remember – when in doubt do not water!

4. Dust Your Plants: Wiping your plants helps to get rid of particles that clog the leaf pores making it difficult for the plants to ‘breathe’. Giving them a quick wipe or a trip to the shower is an easy way to keep them looking clean and fresh while helping them grow.

5. Fertilize Your Houseplants: Plants, like people, need food, especially when they in their growing stages. Spring and summer are necessary feeding months; however during the winter, feeding is not necessary.

6. Prune Your Plants: To keep your plants looking their best, prune them with sharp scissors regularly. Start by removing dead leaves, limbs, and spent flowers on the plants. Also, trim back overgrown branches and stems.

7. Rotate Your Houseplants: A houseplant will always grow toward the light. To keep plants growing straight, rotate them a quarter of a turn as part of your watering routine.

Remember these tips to help you keep your plants growing healthy. If you would like a free consultation and/or to find out more about Green Interiors plant maintenance tips, get in touch with us right now and talk to one of our plant experts.

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