The Concept of Plants and You

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The Seriously Wonderful Hypothesis with a Quirky Name

The hypothesis that human beings possess a natural tendency to conect with nature and other life forms is known as Biophilia—derived from the Latin—(bio, or “life”, and philia, or “love”).

Yes, Biophiliaʼs an odd name to be sure. One might think that itʼs some sort of serious medical condition— not so. Biophiliaʼs not only perfectly harmless, itʼs the wondrous concept behind one of the fastest growing trends in décor: Biophilic Interior Design. Itʼs about designing living environments with our intrinsic love of nature in mind. And when designing interiors, itʼs about connecting us with the natural world—and in turn, enhancing our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Itʼs more than merely a trend—the fact that indoor plants are taking home décor to the next level is here to stay. But thereʼs something even more amazing about indoor plants: their ability to bring an incredible range of health and wellness benefits into living spaces.

Green Interiors (GRIN for short) is at the forefront of this movement. We design residential interiors with horticulturally as well as aesthetically pleasing exotic, tropical foliage plants.

We create award winning interiorscape designs in finer homes throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. By applying Biophilic design principles to your living environment, we may improve both your physical and mental health.

Here are some of the takeaways from that concept with the quirky name:
  • Humankind is innately drawn to Nature, positively responding to natural environments and stimuli.
  • The 1964 hypothesis of German social psychologist Erich Fromm was popularized by American biologist E.O. Wilson in a 1984 scientific paper, and further supported over the past four decades by research at universities throughout the worldas well as by NASA.
  • The phenomenon of our affinity for Nature is particularly relevant for individuals seeking relief from crowded urban settings, and from the stresses of lifein the privacy and quiet of their home.
  • Of note, research has revealed a wealth of data supporting the health benefits of plants in indoor environments (see the About sector and a past blog post on our website).
GRIN can help create a healthier, less stressful home environment for you, too. 

Whether weʼre creating a lush, plant-rich environment such as an atrium, or an area dedicated to mindful pursuits such as meditation or yoga—the choice is yours.


Complementing our interiorscapes and design process, we offer a wide selection of stunningly beautiful, innovative plant containers known as Cachepots.

Contact GRIN today… start putting that hypothesis with the quirky name to work for you, toowith an aesthetically pleasing plantscape in perfect harmony with nature—designed specifically for you!

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