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Welcome to the Green Interiors Client Portal, the Interiorscaping Resource Center where fresh Ideas and inspiration are always in season. 

Our Idea Book & Resource Center is designed to inspire discriminating homeowners as well as their decorators and interior designers—with helpful tools, valuable information, innovative options and other resources for envisioning stunning interiorscapes.

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Flowering Plant Galleries

32 colorful options ideally suited to Interiorscaping applications.

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Light Level Galleries

80 plants and their individual preferences for, or tolerance of, Low, Medium or High Light Levels—encompassing a wide variety of beautiful tropical foliage.

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Cachepots: The Ultimate Plant Containers

Our innovative approach to the art of the Cachepotsourcing & creating the most beautiful AND functional Planters & Containers for your Custom Interiorscape.

Kathleen Neth
Kathleen Neth IHD*

Green Interiors founder and director Kathleen Neth, IHD* incorporates the latest horticultural science in her design process. In addition to reflecting your personal aesthetic and very particular tastes, your custom interiorscape will also promote a healthier, greener and more efficient living space.

*Certified Interior Horticultural Designer

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