Our Story — told visually

Practically every website has a gallery. However and in addition to showing you an ‘Idea Book’ of images including actual Green Interiors installations, we thought…

Why not include a video, as wellone that shows an innovative, atypical interiorscape… exemplifying “Less is more” elegance and simplicity.

This short, yet informative video is more than a ‘pretty picture’ in motion. Beyond the all-important matter of aesthetics and your particular tastes are the scientific factors governing which plants are ideal for your living space—given the lighting and myriad other considerations.

bedroom with plants

Whether you envision a sparse interiorscape like the one in our video, or a more plant-rich treatmentperhaps an atrium adjacent to your living space… we can design and make it a reality for you. 

Click to enlarge any of the photos . Let us put a grin on your face!

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